‘Ark of Biodiversity’ tours Switzerland

26 March 2011

An 'Ark of Biodiversity', a mobile exhibition on Swiss biodiversity organised by Friends of the Earth Switzerland, has just completed a national tour.

People of all ages were able to walk on the timber ship, which is as big as a coach, and experience the mystery and wonder of biodiversity. On board the ark are about 40 animal and plant models.

The Ark was curated as a response to the crisis of biodiversity in Switzerland, where almost half of the animal and plant species are threatened or endangered. With urban sprawl and
resource over-use, many species and their habitats have been lost forever.

Friends of the Earth Switzerland/Pro Natura is seeking to raise awareness amongst the population, and is laying new pathways in environmental education and outreach, with its 'Ark of the Biodiversity'.

An interactive exhibition explains the importance of biodiversity and the threats it faces, but also shows the action we can take as individuals to preserve conservation. Pro Natura has also offered nature excursions for children, special programmes for school classes and advice on biodiversity- sensitive gardening for adults.


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