Banking regulation Working for stricter rules and fairer practices to ensure financial markets serve people and planet, not the other way around

6 June 2017

The European Commission must double efforts to create the more resilient and sustainable financial system that Europe needs, according to a coalition of environmental and development organisations.

14 March 2017

The European Parliament voted today on rules that would make companies more accountable to their shareholders, making a step towards a more accountable and sustainable financial system, according to Friends of the Earth Europe, ShareAction and WWF Europe.

The Shareholder Rights Directive is intended to tackle the lack of transparency between companies and shareholders – a significant barrier to challenging unsustainable business and investment practices.

Banks play a fundamental role in allocating financial resources – by providing credit and re-investing deposits. Too often, however, banks do not adequately assess the social or environmental risks of their financial products or the businesses they finance. De-regulation over the last few decades has played a large part in the instability and destructive nature of today's financial system.


Friends of the Earth Europe campaigns for stricter rules and fairer practices, to transform a broken banking system into truly sustainable finance. 

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